MADCS  Patrons’ Association

Mountain Ash & District Choral Society is a registered charity. Our constitution proclaims our aims to be “the study, practice and encouragement by means of public performance and otherwise of choral music in all its forms so as to foster knowledge and appreciation of such music”.

Concerts such as our Annual Concert at St Margaret’s, Mountain Ash, are the vehicle through which we achieve our constituted aims, allowing the opportunity for both choir and you our audience, to experience some of the great works of the classical choral repertoire here in the heart of the South Wales valleys. Unfortunately, such endeavours are difficult to fund and we rely on the generosity of our patrons to maintain this long-standing choral tradition. We know that our patrons too benefit from their association with our choir and over the years many close links have been formed.

You too could help us by becoming a patron of our choir.


His Honour Hugh Jones & Mrs Helen Jones

Miss Mary Powell

Mr John Edwards

Mrs Shirley Fleming

Dr Louise Miskell

Phyllis Brace

President . Deputy conductor

Eirlys Jones

Mrs Angela Norris

Mrs Shirley Lloyd

Betty Williams

Mrs Susan Burridge

Mr Alun Davies and Mrs Lois Davies

Mr Errol Blake

Mrs Marion Fidler & Ms Elizabeth Fidler

Mrs Teifwen George

Mrs Rhydfen Eynon

Mrs Kath Davies

Dr Sybil Treasure

Mr Alan Sheppard & Mrs Jean Sheppard

Miss Rita Bebb & Miss Anne Bebb

Mr John Nash

Miss June Ingram